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icons & signatures

Some icons & signatures I made in the last few days :).
1 - 7 Kelly Clarkson
8 - 13 Zac Efron
14 - 16 Rachel Bilson
17 - 19 Amanda Bynes
20 - 27 The Vampire Diaries
28 - 39 Stocks

1 Rachel Bilson icon + signature
1 Chace Crawfore icon + signature
1 Danny Jones icon + signature


If you use these, please comment & credit :)

Kelly Clarkson

Zac Efron

Rachel Bilson

Amanda Bynes

The Vampire Diaries


Signatures + icons

Tags: amanda bynes, chace crawford, kelly clarkson, mcfly, rachel bilson, signatures, stock, the vampire diaries, zac efron

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