30 seconds to mars!

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Yesterday I went to a concert from 30 Seconds to Mars in Amsterdam and it was so awesome!

Me and my mom (yes, she's a fan too!) arrived in Amsterdam around 15.30 and the concert would start at 19.00. When we arrived at Paradiso, where they held the concert, there weren't that much people already. Around 40 people I guess. So I was pretty confident that I could stand in the front :). Eventually we had to wait outside until 19.30 or something, but then we went inside and soon after that, the support act started to play. They weren't bad, but it wasn't really my type of music.

I guess around 21.00, 30 Seconds to Mars came on stage and they started to sing A Beautiful Lie, which is one of my favorites. They were seriously amazing and very good live! I believe this was the setlist:
A Beautiful Lie
From Yesterday
The Batlle Of One
The Story
Kings And Queens
A Modern Myth
The Kill
The Fantasy
This Is War
Jared played the songs Revenge, which was a new song, and A Modern Myth acoustic. A funny thing was, he asked if we had any suggestions that he could sing. So me and my mom were shouting 'A Modern Myth!' and he noticed that because he repeated us. Than he went to the other side of the stage, and apparently they wanted the same song, bacause soon after that he started to sing A Modern Myth. Seriously one of the most beautiful songs.

The rest of the night was also pretty amazing! This Is War is such a good song, I love it. The only thing that I didn't like was my camera haha. Sometimes he was really slow with making pictures and sometimes the pictures were really blurry. But I already wanted to buy a better camera, one with more zoom and megapixels (right now I have 7 megapixels and 3x zoom). Maybe someone has some suggestions :)? But in the end I had some photo's that were alright :).

After the concert, we had the chance to go to a signing session, because we pre-orderd the album there. It went all so fast that I didn't had the chance to talk to them but I got autographs on a poster and on my concert ticket! On the left you can see a picture where Jared is signing my concert ticket :D! And yes, they were wearing gloves, don't really know why, maybe because of the flu :P.

It was seriously an amazing day and I can't wait till march 2nd, because then I will see them again!

Behind the cut you can find some larger pictures :).

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icons & signatures

Some icons & signatures I made in the last few days :).
1 - 7 Kelly Clarkson
8 - 13 Zac Efron
14 - 16 Rachel Bilson
17 - 19 Amanda Bynes
20 - 27 The Vampire Diaries
28 - 39 Stocks

1 Rachel Bilson icon + signature
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first post!

Hello, welcome to my livejournal! This is my first post, yay! Because I couldn't make antything without the resources and tutorials these people provided, my first post will be the credit post :).

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